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I want to openly express that I own copyright to all materials on this blog. except the use of photo's that re from dreams time.

New products: Strength of Love Children's Poetry - Dedicated to my Nephew's Gilead and Roman Petty

I have added a new book Silhouette of Dreaming Passion. It is dedicated to a friend that that lost her life to Domestic Violence. Transcendence is an updated version.

May 6, 2014

C.N.F.I. Foundation and Publishing

                      C.N.F.I Foundation - Publishing

                           Company Divisions

Lyric Composition Concepts

I am posting my lyrical concepts that started my writing concepts and ideas. I would like to express that there may be similarities though these works are of original content. 



The Foundation Division is based upon an interest to be creative and imaginative in expression. Inspiration drives creativity and creativity drives the imagination, aspired values of creativity are the basis for this foundation.


Products include: Books - Leaflet books, Bookmarks, Plaques and Collector Cards, (see Merchandising Division for more options.) Book concepts are as follows 6, 12, 14, 20 and 24 page. Larger book concepts are currently under review.

Bookmarks are established in three styles Black/White - Color and Photo enhanced versions, and are available in five sizes - 2x5", 2x6", 2x7", 2x8" and 2x9" - Plaques are available in 8x10" or 4x6"

Collector cards are available singly or in sets ranging from 9, 18, 27, 36, 45 or a full set.  


The Publishing Division is based upon an interest of development, to develop and promote each book with a unique marketing and promotional concept. Product diversification is one of our strengths and our products will present that expression. 

Products include: Books, Bookmarks, Plaques and Poetry Collector Cards. (see Merchandising Division for more options.)

Love and Erotic Poetry Blog:

Dark Poetry Blog:

Author Helping Author Program 
- CNFI - Black Widow Publishing. 

The concept was established between Joyce Gage and I to develop a charity opportunity where several authors would donate some of their works. The concept was to establish a 4x6" Plaque and donate the proceeds to charity. 


Graphics:  Development is responsible for Color Psychology -direction and format, product coding and visual marketing concepts, such as Power Point Presentation for promotional concepts. 

Charity: Defined interest of our charity program, as by the owner from all products developed a percentage of proceeds from all sales will go to benefit a multitude of programs which include:

Merchandising: Merchandising division was established to further promote materials within the books that have been developed. Products include: Coffee Mugs, Mouse Pads, 3x6"Tiles, T shirts, Commemorative Plates, Coasters and Wall Plaques. 

Book List

                                   First Book Run

Belief within the Dream - Inspirational Poetry 

Belief within the Dream 60 Page
Belief within the Dream 14 page Leaflet
Belief within the Dream 6 page Leaflet 
Dreams Are Only Real 6 page Leaflet 

Strength of Love - Children's Poetry Book 

Strength of Love 20 Page 
Strength of Love 20 Page Leaflet
Strength of Love 6 Page Leaflet 

Images of Laughter - Children's Poetry 

Images of Laughter 20 Page
Images of Laughter 12 Page Leaflet 
Images of Laughter 6 Page Leaflet 
Ideas of Creativity 6 Page Leaflet 

Dedicated to Marnie F. Stark - Dedication 

Silhouette of Dreaming Passion - 
Transcendence of Memory 

Silhouette of Dreaming Passion 28 Page
Silhouette of Dreaming Passion 24 Page Leaflet
Silhouette of Dreaming Passion 12 Page Leaflet
Silhouette of Dreaming Passion 6 Page Leaflet
Aligning Embraces 6 Page Leaflet

Transcendence of Memory 72 page

Transcendence of Memory Book 1  24 Page Leaflet
Transcendence of Memory Book 2  24 Page Leaflet
Transcendence of Memory Book 3  24 Page Leaflet 
Starlight Dreams 6 Page Leaflet 
Mystic Shadows 6 Page Leaflet 
Candles Flame 6 Page Leaflet 
Impressions, Night's Stillness 6 Page Leaflet 
Silencing Echoes 6 Page Leaflet 

                Shadows of Distant Hue 

Shadows of Distant Hue 20 Page 

Shadows of Distant Hue 20 Page Leaflet 
Shadows of Distant Hue   6 Page Leaflet 
Prosperity of Existence    6 page Leaflet 


I will be updating this blog, some materials may seem out of order I do apologize. Please bear with me during this time. I began developing new blogs, it was not till after the fact that I could establish all materials on one blog. I will be transferring information from my other blogs to this main blog. 

Upon the upset over rights issues from Strength of Love in 2013 I developed a new book titled Images of Laughter to take the place of Strength of Love though in development I established another Children's Poetry book.

In review I would like to express that I have retained by book rights for my book Strength of Love on 4/2014 which was published by Publish America in 2012. I will be formatting Strength of Love into a photo enhanced Children's Poetry book.

I lost a dear friend on October 19, 2012 due to Domestic Violence and I developed Silhouette of Dreaming Passion in remembrance of her life. Transcendence of Memory was established to extend memory of her life and those memories of her life. All proceeds will go to her family upon production costs. 

First production run and the book titles are: Belief within the Dream, Strength of Love, Silhouette of Dreaming Passion, Transcendence of Memory, Shadows of Distant Hue. 

Second production run book titles: Moonlight's Sunset Morn, 
Living Embryo - Cryptic Tombs, Whispering Dust, Circle of Life, 

All products developed by C.N.F.I. Publishing as owner I will be giving a percentage from all sales to charity. A charity option has also been developed and developments are currently under review.

Book Reviews 

I sent my new book  "Shadows of Distant Hue" to my friend Les Bush  and he commented: 

Jeremy J. Taylor's "Shadows of Distant Hue" has much commended to it.The title for the collection of  20 poems, contained within  20 pages, comes from that of the third poem  - opening up with -
"Soft Shadows of distant hue, casts shadows on the wall"

Book concepts have been established and 6, 12, 14, 20 and 24 page books have been developed. I will also be establishing larger paged books which is to be determined at this point.

I am developing a retail product blog where I will be establishing a point of sale option. This opportunity is in the works, to view its development please go to - 

I realized that there were format issues with my blogs and I am making up dates to assure that the presentation is accurate. I will also be adding materials to those blogs.

Belief Within the Dream

                  Design and Concept: Jeremy J. Taylor
           Published by C.N.F.I. Publishing LLC,.
           © 1991, 1995, 2002, 2007, 2012 All Rights Reserved   

           Made in the USA  



                  Creative Aspirations

                  Positive Channeling of Pre-Existing Thought

                  Thought Processes

                  Creative Writing and Inspiration Theories         

                  Lyric Inspirations

                                     Creative Aspirations Chapter 1

In learning to develop and establish values of creative ability I was aspired through music there was one certain song that inspired me “Home Sweet Home” by Motley Crue “Home sweet home” helped me believe in my creative abilities. In continuing my interests I learned to write different styles of lyric, and I diversified my musical interests. In my learning process the values were not recognized fully until, I was asked how do you write so well? In this thought I had to think and I developed a creative writing theory based upon my writing principles the title became Creative Notion Foundation of Imagination. In wanting to pursue a secondary education I realized that my abilities were best obtained by learning at my own pace, so that I can retain the knowledge that I had learned.

Making the decision to pursue my education by establishing my own principles of learning; the transition from writing lyric into poetry began when I had the notion to support my music interests. As I pursued my writing the dream of establishing a band became secondary and eventually that concept was traded for another value. I learned to format my own books and I established my works. Tried to submit my materials to contests, although the editors had other perceptions of my expressed thought this frustration I was left in question? 

And I wanted to pursue being a published author all creative thoughts were unknowing in motion. I kept writing and learning different applications of writing. I was inspired by William Shakespeare and Albert Einstein, I combined the creative values with Shakespeare with Albert Einstein’s “Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge.” Combining these values enhanced by writing abilities. 

I learned to believe in my abilities and to remain focused on my writing; in following my ideas I developed a lyric titled: “Dreams Are Only Real, Until You Don’t Believe.” I deeply believed in this concept developed a deeper foundation of belief, which aspired my thoughts to a more creative ideal. With being aspired in 2003, I set out to establish my own publishing concepts and began to learn that I needed to further pursue my education. I began developing the concepts of developing product based upon learning to establish format and design. 

One idea lead to another and began to develop other ideas, products and creative interest.In being focused on the attainment of what I was working towards establishing the reality was not realized since I was focused on its attainment. I never lost the insight of what I was working towards even though I had lost all my materials several times; I believed in myself and in my abilities with a strong conviction that I had a purpose. I developed Books, Chapbooks, Bookmarks, Plaques and Poetry Collector Cards as my main products, other concepts followed.

The development lead to establishment of different divisions applications and I began formulate establishing my hobby as a business opportunity. As the development continued I reflected on my experiences and began developing the concepts of being able to help other beginning writers. Developed and established a promotional concept thus defining a merchandising line; and developing a pay it forward program where I will be giving proceeds to charity. In establishing the creative and innovative process I continue to establish all concept products from the basis of my own materials. I am continuing to pursue my creative interest I would like to express to you the reader my creative insight development.

In the following creative theory I would like to express that I applied one application to another and established this theory. To conclude this creative writing theory became the foundation of all my creative interests and the foundation for establishing my publishing company. I hope that this creative insight is aspiring and that you do enjoy the values of this creative process.  

This is a sample copy. To purchase PDF copy contact 


Belief Within the Dream Chapbook

Belief Within in the Dream Chapbook is based upon inspiration and creativity. 

              Belief within the Dream

As sand falls through my fingers,

Realizing that dreams come from within

Closing my eye’s envisioning the dream;

Reaching out taking hold

Strength, faith and dedication;

Holding me together

Remembering -

Dreams Are Only Real, Until You Don’t Believe!


          Learning is an ability
          To use
          One’s creativity!



           If determination is the
           Of survival of the modern day
           Perseverance is the
           Grandfather of all dreams
           Which are being pursued?


             It is the individuals that -
             See the future,
             And the dreamers
             Who are -
             Connected with their inner selves!

             Inspired Ability; - Creativity

             As dreams are dreamt;
             Silencing thoughts,
             Now breathe;-
             Deepening passions of
             Inspiration; now begins
             To grow within,
             As dreams are dreamt;
             Creative insight
             Now flowers….

              Learning 1

              Is an ability
              To grow and prosper;
              In obtaining and learning

               Imaginative Creativity

               Dreaming imaginative
               Creativity of a child;
               Breathing within; learning
              To grow;
               Imagination and laughter
               Now dances
               Deep within; creativity!

Dreams Are Only Real Chapbook

Dreams Are Only Real, Until You Don’t Believe

Remembering times sang by note
Dancing to the beat of my own heart
Dreams are only real, reaching deep inside
Dreams reach out, taking hold
Grasping hold never letting go

Dreams are only real, until you don’t believe!

Tears fall realizing where the dream lies
Study the dream, perseverance touched by soul
Dreams are only real, reaching deep inside
My heart knows no boundaries
Miracles are born every day
All you have to do is look inside your own heart

Dreams are only real, until you don’t believe!

A flower blooms in the dead of winter
Like a dream it grows and dies
Take hold never let it go, reach deep inside
Dreams are only real, until you don’t believe!
I close my eyes seeing everything I have ever wished
Fall, falling catching stardust light
Miracles are born everyday

Dreams are only real, until you don’t believe!

“A true foundation starts in believing in an Individual’s own abilities.”


Believe in your abilities; to be creative and imaginative

 Envision your dream; work towards its accomplishment.

Remember – “Dreams are only real, until you don’t believe!

Inspired Persistence:

“Foresight and determination persist when we

As an individual become inspired.”

Believe in Your Dreams

Dreams are only real, Until you don’t believe

Believe in your ability;-

To be creative and Imaginative!

Dreams Are Born Within Dreams

Foresight and determination; persist when

We as an individual are inspired

And when we use that inspiration to grow -

Develop in our educational needs, we

 Become more creative, more imaginative

Ideas of Inspiration

Vision into the dream, begins with a single thought or idea.

Put your thoughts into action.

Believe in yourself – Believe in the dream

– Follow your inspiration.

Imagination 2

Is a mental and subconscious image

Used to created a false reality

Based upon an individual’s own perception of that reality!

Prospering Creativity


Gives an individual

The value of Prosperity

An intellectual Insight

Into a creative mind

“Dreams Are Only Real, Until You Don’t Believe.”

Imagination 1

If one is to inspire imagination, creativity

And free flowing thought;

One must incur, the strong faith and belief,

In one’s own ability; believing in one’s dreams

That lies within one’s own heart!

A true foundation starts in believing 

In an Individual’s own abilities!