May 6, 2014

Insight of Aspired Application

CNFI - Foundation and Publishing 

In thought to - and in indentifying an interest within the publishing perspective - as a writer we have an ability to express our thoughts, yet we often question many aspects. What is it that I need to do to have my works recognized - to become published - Is this not a correct assumption? I too myself have pondered and many other questions to become a published writer / author myself. I was left in thought to recollect - think of what I had learned.

In review to the experience I defined my interest acknowledging an application, a Creative Writing Theory, which I learned was a basis of a writing structure or foundation. I was interested in Music and to write Lyrical Compositions, eventually transposing into poetic expressions of interest. I do feel that each individual  has their own unique way of learning or expressing themselves. My aspiration was inspired through music. What inspires you to be creative and express your thoughts - your poetic or creative expressions?

I for a considerable amount of time pursued my interest in poetic expression, before coming to the conclusion to become a published author. What are your goals or problems that you are facing as a writer, I found myself  what is the best option the most economocal option to become publishished - is this also a question on your mind?  I do that as a writer we can achieve our insight or goal in mind if we just apply ourselves and believe in our own skills. 

If our writing capability of expression can relate to another or gain interest from the consumer, then our our expression has been effective. It took me some time to acknowledge this. What other concepts do you face, format development and design publishing options - what is the best option to publish? I found a local poetry reading to become part of, we were to establish a booklet as a way to promote the group. I used this insight to my advantage. 

In thought to this I began to design and develop my own 6 paged booklet in black and white. This is when I learned to be able to self publish my own works. I found this opportunity economical at the time, learning format development and design. I used development and design of this insight to become a self published author, continuing to improve upon the booklet design. 6 page booklet developmement eventually became a signature product. Transitions further identified different insights - Color covers and photo enhanced product. Different page length booklets were also defined - 6, 12, 15, 20 and 24.

As authors we often think about promotion - what products can I develop to be able to promote my works? In thought to this I began to learn how to develop bookmarks and other products to be able to promote and market. Applying my interest  - skill - I continued to learn and develop an interest in self publishing. In thought all we need to do is apply ourselves using our own resources to be creative. 

Presentation a Subsidary of Interest

How do options of choice - quality presentation affect - benefit you the consumer? Are these insights of importance to you?

Quality - Presentation is of an interest to CNFI Foundation - Publishing. In thought as a Publisher I do feel that quality presentation is of importance, not only in my thought, but the insight of consumers value of direct interest. Combined interest of Quality Presentation - adequate price listing are of importance, not only to CNFI Foundation - Publishing  - though I feel to the consumer as well. 

As a reader how do you feel about proper format - visual presentation - is it of importance to you? Is this insight of quality presentarion an option or insight - a response to interact or consieration of a decision of whether to make a purchase? What is it that drives your interest - Quality - Presentation of  a visual 
profesional standard?

Product Release

Product Release and Review

Product Format: Black/White, Color and Photo enhanced

Main books: 6x9", E Books, Promotional  
6, 12, 14, 15, 20 and 24 paged 8.5 x 5.5 booklets.

Bookmarks: 2x5, 2x6, 2x7 2x8 and 2x9"

Plaques are 8x10 and 4x6"

Poetry Collector Cards: 2.5 x 2.5 Individual or in sets
of 9, 18, 27. 36 or in a full set.

Merchandising: T shirts, Wall Plaques, Coffee Mugs, Mouse Pads, and 3x6" tiles - are identified.

Retail Pricing -  Booklets:

6 paged Booklet Photo Enhanced $6.38
6 paged Booklet Black/White booklets $3.16
15 paged Booklet $7.00
20 paged Booklet $

To order contact
Payment info: Paypal -

Books Released - Promotional 6 -  booklets 

Children's Poetry:

Soft Kisses of Love  6 page Black / White - Booklet 
Passion of Love 6 page Black / White - Booklet 
Images of Laughter 6 page Black White - Booklet 

Love - Spiritual Poetry 

Images of Perfection 6 page Black White  -Booklet 
Concerns of Knowing 6 page Black White - Booklet
Your Love Completes Me 6 page Black White - Booklet

Book Sevice - Review

Book - Service Reviews:

I would like to talk a little about Jeremy Taylor's poetry as a whole value of work. Jeremy is a very unusal poet. His poetry as a whole defined words of brain and soul combined. His style is unique and suits his writing perfectly. His love is strong so is his pain, beauty of words are powerful yet gives the impression of softness. Jeremy does not shout his poems, he wispers them from a full heart and by doing so he is able to penetrate the heart and mind of the reader. Jeremy does not follow anyone elses style he seems to be in defiance of a creative standard writing dictum, a masterful series of abstraction and vivid, yet sad fantastic images. I recommend to everyone to read Jeremy's work, go deep into it. It isn't simple. Its brilliant.

Review by Ilana Haley 
Poet of prose, poetry reviews and edit 

I really enjoyed the time I worked with you on Spiritual Aura you taught me so much, and I really truely love that you are helping me with my next book Celestial Love. You Jeremy are truely brilliant and the quality I was truely amazed by it! It was a great standard and I truely recommed the service greatly.

Deb Harman

Jeremy has been a big inspiration in my life as a writer and friend. He has patience good attention to help me when at times I felt that my writing was not enough! He takes his time to assire that writers like myself are treated right. My inspiration of Jeremy he has helped me so much and I appreciate him for his time and honesty. I recommend him for help when I lost my way, he picked me back up and never in a million years would I know of a great writer. Friend and mentor I thank him more than he knows


Book List

Soft Kisses of Love - A collection of children's poetry. Combined from Strength of Love and Images of Perfection. Book is 40 pages in length.

Inspired by watching my nephew Gill and his use of creativity and Imagination. This book is dedicated to him and to his brother Roman.

Strength of Love A collection of children's poetry. 6 pages in length. Photo enhanced copy.

Strength of Love - A collection of Children's Poetry. 
Page length is 6 pages in length.  Black and White copy

Passions of Love - A collection of Children;s poetry. book is 6 pages in length. Black and White copy.

Images of Laughter Collection of children's poetry. Book is 6 pages in length. Photo enhanced copy.

Your Love Completes Me 46 pages in length. 
is a collection of love poetry.

Images of Perfection 6 Page booklet. Black White Copy 

Concerns of Knowing Love Poetry. 6 pages in length. Black White copy.

Steppin Back in Time Prose - Steampunk Fantasy poetry. Book is 50 pages in length.

Steppin Back In Time  - Steampunk / Fantasy poetry. Book is 15 pages in length. Photo enhanced. 

Steppin Back in Time - Eliqui Steampunk / Fantasy poetry. Book is 15 pages in length. Photo enhanced. 

Belief within the Dream Inspirational and motivational. Book is 50 pages. 

Belief within the Dream Inspirational and motivational poetry.  6 pages in length. Black and White copy. 

Dreams Are Only Real Inspiational and motivational poetry. 6 pages in length. Black and White copy.

Silhouette of Dreaming Passion Is defined and dedicated to Marnie F Stark who passed on 10/19/2012 due to a Domestic Violence issue. All proceeds except production costs will go to her Family. Silhouette of Dreaming Passion is 28 pages in length and photo enhanced.

Silhouette of Dreaming Passion
A collection. 6 pages. Black White copy

Aligning Embraces 6 Page Leaflet Book
A collection 6 pages in length. Black White Copy.

Reflections Collection of Poetry. 6 pages in length. Black White Copy. 

Transcendence Of Memory Is dedicated to the memory
of Marnie F. Stark who lost her life due to Domestic Violence on
October 19, 2012

All proceeds except production cost will go
to her family.

Mystic Shadows Collection of Poetry. 6 pages in length. Black White copy. 

Starlight Dreams Collection of Poetry. 6 pages in length. Black White copy.

Candles Flame Collection Poetry. 6 pages in length. Black White Copy

Living Embryo Ecology/Nature and Humanitarian Poetry - Is developed to establish and sustain a relaization. 109 Pages in length. 

Soldarity of Peace 15 page Humanitarian Poetry - Black White Copy

Howling Moon 6 Page Nature  Poetry Black White 


CNFI Black Widow Publishing

CNFI Publishing - Established in 2003. Publishing interests established an intent to develop and to produce my own materials.

Innovative design and concept led to the interest in developing a small booklet known as a chapbook or Ezine. Book concept at first was black and white. Concept of insight this was an in expensive option to self publish. 

Transition led to the development of a color corrdinated option and photo enhanced product was initiated. Product diversificaltion led to the development of five different promotional book concepts 6, 12, 14, 20 and 24 paged booklets. 

Options to be able to promote materials in my own books became evident and applicable.

Product Development and Design -  Service fee is $9.75 an hour initial cost expediture is based on project. 

Innovative Concept and Design:

Established expenditure: Development established production I chose a local printer to print/bind books cost was $95.70 for 30 copies. In thought to printing expenditure I decided to lower the expenduture of cost. 

I decided to order copies of my books and self bind. In changing production options expenses were reduced and printing options became affordable. I can now sustain 30 book copies for $40.00 instead of the extra expense.

Quality and presentation are essential in being able to produce a quality product at CNFI we feel it is an essential application to our business model. Trial and error this is how many of us learn.

CNFI - Black Widow Publishing Division

Was  established with another writer Joyce Gage - Insight into defining the program options to help other writers was defined and intiated. She was my first client to intiate the program. I developed a 6 page booklet for her.
In thought to what services I could provide?  An opportunity presented its self "why" not develop promotional booklets to help a writer become published! Affordability and profitability being a formost concern of development in application. 

An individual can become a published author 
at an affordable expenditure - Example - Service Fee: Book development $30 - printing costs for 30 books $40.00 a total of $70.00 to become a published author. Given that the booklet is 6 pages in length. 

Depending on book format development it will define the actual cost. Usual production a six paged book can be formatted in a few hours and published in two weeks. Quality and professional values are essential in establishing a quality product.

Black Widow Publishing Book Production


Don't Feed the Ducks by: 
Joyce Gage

Childrens Poetry 
Book is 6 pages in length 

Feeding the Ducks

Be a Star by: 
Katelynn Owens

Collection Poetry
Book length is 6 pages

Be a Star

Spiritual Aura by: 
Deb Harman
Spiritual Poetry 
Book is 6 pages in length 

Dream Catcher
Butterflies - Oceans Rise

Celestial Love by:
Deb Harman

Spirital Poetry
Book is 6 pages in length 

A Kiss 
Soul Enlightening

The Stone Garden by: 
A S Ravenskraft

Dark Poetry - Book 1
Book is 15 pages in length 

Dark Whiskey
The Stone Garden
Black Tears of Fantasia 

 The Stone Garden by: 
 A S Ravenskraft

 Dark Poetry - Book 2
 Book is 15 pages in length 

 First Born 
 Coach of the Sadist Horseman
 Feasting of O'

Soft Kisses of Love

Soft Kisses of  Love   Children's Poetry   Based on a child's creativity and imagination. Combined from Strength of Love and Images of Laughter. Dedicated to Gill and Roman Petty. Book is 40 pages in length.

       Sand Box

         In a 
         Box of sand,
         I play and dance
         Only to get;
         Sand in my pants!


           Oh, butterfly
           Wait for me
           Let's Play!

        A Farm

           Every animal lives of a farm
           A chicken, a cow - a bull
           A rabbit even a mouse
           A puppy will play 
           With me every day!

         A Kiss 

           A kiss I give
           My heart and love
           Fly like a kite
           A light give me hope

             So Funny

          Laughter Echoes
          He fell down
          Cartoons of humor; 
          Crash, boom. bang
          So Funny...